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machine.Pin – Functions to control the nRF GPIO pins

The machine.Pin class contains all of the functions to control the nRF52 GPIO. Import it using

from machine import Pin

To see what’s contained inside the class you can use the help() command



class machine.Pin(pin, mode=IN, pull=PULL_DISABLED, drive=S0S1)

  • The S1 Module breaks out two nRF52 GPIO pins. PIN_A1 and PIN_A2. These can be configured as inputs, outputs, interrupts, or ADC inputs (see the ADC class for more info about how to use the pins as ADC inputs)

  • To initialize a pin, call the Pin constructor

      myPin = Pin(Pin.PIN_A1, mode=Pin.OUT, pull=Pin.PULL_DISABLED, drive=Pin.S0H1)
  • To view the current configuration, you can simply print the object

      # Will print out the configuration for myPin
      Pin(Pin.PIN_A1, mode=OUT, pull=PULL_DISABLED)
  • Various options can be provided when setting up the pin

    INPin will be an input. Default
    OUTPin will be an output
    PULL_DISABLEDInternal pull resistor will be disabled. Default
    PULL_UPPin will be pulled up
    PULL_DOWNPin will be pulled down
    driveDrive strength only applicable in output mode
    S0S1Standard 0, standard 1. Default
    H0S1High drive 0, standard 1
    S0H1Standard 0, high drive 1
    H0H1High drive 0, high drive 1
    D0S1Disconnect 0, standard drive 1
    D0H1Disconenct 0, high drive 1
    S0D1Standard 0, disconnect 1
    H0D1High drive 0, disconnect 1



  • Gets or sets the pin value depending on the mode that is configured

      myPin() # Reads the value on the pin
      myPin(True) # Sets the value of the pin if in output mode

Pin.irq(callback, trigger=IRQ_TOGGLE)

  • Sets up an interrupt for a pin that’s configured as an input. When a trigger is detected, MicroPython will run the callback provided

      # First set up a callback
      def myCallback():
          print("Do stuff")
      # Set up a pin as an input
      myPin = Pin(Pin.PIN_A1, mode=Pin.IN, pull=Pin.PULL_DOWN)
      # Set up the interrupt
      myPin.irq(myCallback, toggle=Pin.IRQ_RISING)
  • One of three trigger modes can be selected when configuring an interrupt

    IRQ_TOGGLEInterrupt will detect both rising and falling edges. Default
    IRQ_RISINGInterrupt will only detect rising edges
    IRQ_FALLINGInterrupt will only detect falling edges


  • Disables any interrupt set up for that pin

      ## myCallback will no longer trigger on a rising edge of PIN_A1