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machine.RTC – Functions to control the real time clock

The machine.RTC class contains all of the functions to control the nRF52 RTC and timing functions. Import it using

from machine import RTC

To see what’s contained inside the class you can use the help() command




  • If RTC.time() is called without an argument, it will return the time in seconds since power on, or the last reset

      4699 # Around 1.3 hours
  • If a value is provided, the internal time is adjusted, and following reads will return the time from then on. Note Due to the 30 bit limitation of MicroPython integers, standard epoch time cannot be used. Instead, use a different reference, such as seconds since 1st Jan 2000

      RTC.time(705580080) # Set date and time to May 11th 2022, 11:28:00 AM
      # 5 minutes later


  • Puts the nRF into a light sleep for a number of milliseconds provided. The device will remain connected, but won’t respond until the time is up. This can be used to create simple delays in loops