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"power": {...}


The power Object is a persistant object with both writable as well as read-only Parameters containing device power status and configuration.


  • "power": {...} power Object with Parameters shown below.
  • "read-only": ["power"] if the user attempts to Remove or Append the read only Parameters.

Read Only Parameters:

  • "battery": string - Battery charger state. Values: "no-battery", "discharging", "charging", "charged"
  • "level": integer - Battery level percentage. Values: 0 to 100
  • "uptime": string - Time device has been powered. Format in ISO8601 Duration e.g. "P46DT12H30M5S"

Writable Parameters:

  • "io1-v": float - User configurable IO1 voltage (V). Value 0 to 5.0. Default 0
  • "io2-v": float - User configurable IO2 voltage (V). Value 0 to 5.0. Default 0
  • "charge-v": float - Battery charger constant voltage limit (V). Value 4.1 to 4.7. Default 4.1
  • "charge-i": float - Battery charger constant current limit (mA). Value 5 to 250. Default 5
  • "charge-enable: bool" - Enable or disable the battery charger. Default false