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"request": [...] and "request": {...}


Instructs SuperStack to respond with the objects provided. Optionally, individual parameters may be requested within objects.


  • "object": {"parameters", ... } if the object was found in the Database
  • "not-found": ["object", ... ] if the object was not found in the Database
  • "bad-json": null if an error was encountered in parsing the provided JSON data


  1. The SuperStack Database already contains an Object named sensor 1.
    "sensor 1": {
     "return": ["temperature","pressure"]
  2. Request sensor 1 and network objects
    "request":["sensor 1", "network"]
  3. The two objects will be returned in full
    "sensor 1": {
     "chip": "BME280",
     "return": ["temperature","pressure"]
    "network": {
     "connected": true,
     "address": "12-23-34-AB-BA-CD"
  4. If we only want specific parameters from an object. It’s possible to specify the parameters in a list:
    "request": {
     "sensor 1":["chip"]
  5. The response will therefore become”
    "sensor 1": {
     "chip": "BME280"