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SuperStackTM RTOS

SuperStack is designed for AI and Machine Learning on the Edge, without all the headache of setting up a wireless stack or struggling with embedded system architectures.

Simply connect your sensors, upload your algorithms remotely, and start reading and writing data with the built in web ready JSON API.

SuperStack General Workflow


Add, remove and reconfigure sensors on the fly. Change reporting intervals, sensitivity, and may other parameters quickly and easily when needed.

SuperStack Sensor Configuration

Create conditional scripting to send back notifications when events occur.

SuperStack Conditional Events

Upload you custom algorithms, AI or ML Models and easily configure them to work in tandem with connected sensors.

SuperStack FPGA Upload

Store important data locally, preprocess and obfuscate sensitive user data on the edge. Only send what’s needed to the cloud and save bandwidth and ensure user privacy.

SuperStack Storage and Privacy

Securely manage your fleet of devices and update fully remotely with our qualified infrastructure.

SuperStack Device Management

Works with the S1 Module

The S1 module is the first generation of hardware supporting SuperStack out of the box. The S1 comes pre-loaded with a production binary of SuperStack as well as commissioning keys for deployment.

Learn more about the S1

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