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Documentation Center

Technical documentation for all Silicon Witchery products. For the most up to date code and design files, be sure to visit our GitHub.

S1 Module

Integrated Bluetooth, FPGA & battery management all in one tiny form factor.

Silicon Witchery S1 Module

Datasheet SDK Order

S1 Popout Board

A low cost development kit to quickly get started with the S1 Module.

Silicon Witchery S1 Popout Board

Get started Design files Order

S1 ECG Reference Kit

An all-in-one kit to build and test heart algorithms with ease.

Silicon Witchery S1 ECG Reference Kit

Get started Design files & codebase Order

MicroPython on the S1

For those looking for something easier and faster to use than the C SDK. The S1 now supports MicroPython out of the box.

Silicon Witchery S1 MicroPython Get started Download Source code

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